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This is a story of two young Gujarati and yes Vadnagara Nagar girl. Form there name you can say they are from Nagar family.

This two girl born and brought up in North Gujarat town known as Vadanagar in around 1565. I can say at the time of Mughal rule. More specifically when Akabar was a Sahensa-E-Hind.

Both girl are beautiful and smart and they are also very good singer of classical music.  You might think what's new about this all but to find out more drama of there life let's read flash back story. Let's go to the DARABARE-KHASH  of Akabar Jallaluddin of Mughaliya saltanat.


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Akabar king with his own religions. Who believe in all type of subject he didn't study in any school but he is man with good IQ.And his back-end (sorry) are those nine people who know as NAVA-RATNA. Like Birbal,Sangramshing, and also Miya Tansen.

Tansen is India's most famous classical singer who is master in his art. His main job is to sing for Sahensahe-e-hind. His voice and understanding of raaga brings him very close to the Akbar. And he is like Akbar's most favorite persona. And that's the main reason so many people didn't like this conjugation and start jealous.

Now you can not defeat tansen in music but you can use music to kill him. But how..? And one fine day people find out if Tansen Sang RAAGA DEEPAK then because of it's effect his body can feel heat from inside and in that condition he can not able to sing more in Akabar Darbar.

Now some how people convince Akbar, and one day Akbar told Tansen to sang a RAAGA DEEPAK. Now this is not a request, this is a order from Shensahe-Hind and there is no other way for him.

Now real disciple of Ma-Sarswati Miya Tansen start singing RAAG DEEPAK and b'cos of power of this RAAGA all lamps start burning. (And that's why it calls RAAG DEEPAK) And at the Same time Miya Tansen is also feeling burning inside. Within one week his body start loosing all glory and that time Akbar realize his mistake. But it is already late. In his last moment  Miya Tansen want to visit different place of India.

Now let's go back to Vadnagar.


Here in vadnagar people start discussing this incidence. And people of art and music feel very sorry about Tansen. Young girl Tana and Riri are also little bit scared and also got some good enthusiasm to learn music like Tansen.

So now a day's Miya Tansen is visiting all small and big town , village of India to find out perfect man who can cure his body. One fine day he entered in to the Vadnagar.Out side the village he and his servent are leaving in a tent. People of vadanagar start gathering to watch this. Still nobody knows who is there in side the tent.

That morning with daily routine Tana and RIRI are going to water well to bring fresh water for the house , Miya tansen ask them to give some water for drink and after drinking to pot of water he feel still thirsty and that's the hint for TANA and RIRI and they both start thinking that this man must be a Miya Tansen. Without loosing minute both girl update this incident to there father.

Father is also agree and with there assumption   he visit Tansen tent and he confirm that Miya tansen is a guest of Vadanagar.

Now he ask Tansen what is solution for his condition and at that time Miya Tansen replied if some body sing RAAGA MALAAHAR and if rain will start coming then and the he can feel better.

Father of Tana-Riri didn't speak any thing in front of Miya Tansen. But when he came to the house he told his daughters this is a time for your test. You have to sing RAAG MALAAHAR to save Miya Tansen.

Both young girl are ready for that. They inform Miya Tansen.

And one fine morning both girl TANA and RIRI start singing RAAG MALAAHAR and what Miya Tansen see is life coming from blue sky. Music of TANA and RIRI effects the nature and it was raining,cold water of rain helps Miya Tansen to service and live longer. Now he feel much much batter. After few day's he leave Vadnagar and gone back to Delhi saltanat.

TANA and RIRI helps Miya Tansen. What do you think this is happy ending of TANA RIRI story. No sir....!

After hearing about TANA and RIRI akbar thought this two girl must be in my DARABAR to sing for me. And he send one FATAVA for Subedar of Vadnagar to bring this two girl in to the Delhi Darbar.

TANA and RIRI replayed that we are singing for GOD not for Delhi Darbar. As we all know you can not stop in gujarati(RAJA_VAJA_ne_VANDARA) KING-HARMONIUM-MONKEY he fail to give respect to emotion of this two girl. He send one platoon to concur small Vadanagar.

TANA and RIRI realize because of them it possible troop of Akbar destroy whole Vadnagar. And one day early morning both the girl jump in to the water well and sacrifice there life for there town , for the culture and for there believe.

I don't know how many TANA and RIRI might sacrifice there life in that period but don't you think this one small story can change our way of thinking. If you got'a chance visit Vadanagr which is just 60 Km. from ahmedabd. And take pinch of dust from that city put it on you head it might helps you.