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Jay Instruments & Systems Pvt Ltd

Application and outline of measurement in Pharmaceutical Industry:The medical and pharmaceutical industries have also been using color meters for a long time, for example to differentiate pills. 1) Medicines sometimes change color according to temperature or humidity during storage. Therefore, if these changes are understood in advance, an analogy of the storage environment can be created and countermeasures can be taken quickly. 2) Besides, in cases in which color change is regarded as an indication of changes in the internal composition, color measurement by Minolta Chromameter can be applied as a simple means by which to grasp the changes in the internal composition.3) Tristimulus color measurement are used in a number of ways in the pharmaceutical industry and have the potential to be used in even more ways. Most simply, they are used to supplement the eye’s ability to identify materials, but they can also be applied to an array of quality control functions. 4.) New applications are also emerging such as the development of skin cosmetics based on the measurement of skin colors.Konica - Minolta colorimeters / spectrophotometers measure colour and whiteness accurately and display in numerical value. The dependence on an individual’s eyes for accurate colour perception can be eliminated. Take advantage of JISL two decades of industry-leading experience in the field of

606, Anand Mangal III, Opp. core House, Ambawadi, Ahmedabad
Ahmedabad Gujarat 380006

Attn: Mr. Manish Kapadia

ph: 07930022792
fax: 07926463981
cell: 9377460765

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