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We and our office chair

The best years of our life are spent in office. Most of our time of conscious state becomes an eleven to five routine cycle. This period is almost 25 to 26 thousand days of our life.

If we think leisurely, then we will realize that office spreads all over our life. It sits on our head before it starts and remains sitting even after we leave from office.

Forty years of our life is trapped into some 15-20 words like Boss, seniority, promotion, increment, new pay scale, transfer, provident fund, gratuity, bonus, house rent, confidential, casual leave, sick leave, privilege leave, incentives.

I have one friend. He has decorated his office very nicely. As soon as, he enters his office, he lights incense-sticks. There are beautiful pictures with quotes hanging on his office walls. One of the quotes steals your attention. It is by Dorothy Fischer. It says "The amount of time which we spent in planning and thinking what we will do in paid fortnight leave, if half of the time is spent in thinking what we want to get from our life, then we will be shocked to discover the aimless routines we are carrying out in our daily life."

I like to go to the office of this friend of mine. His room is filled with pleasure. He does work, as if he is not doing anything. He is not idle, but he is light. That may be the reason he can do more work. Everybody is happy with him. If somebody in stress visits him, he becomes quiet. Stress also knows where it is greeted. Hence, stress insulted by pleasant environment, escapes immediately. Any type of stress breaks into pieces by this smile. But smile should not be artificial. Today’s man is so much in stress that he does not hesitate in spending extra money for escaping from stress. If a smiling rickshaw driver takes one rupee more, nobody minds.

Now, our society needs people who naturally do their work without talking. If we meet such person, we should not forget to salute him, whether he is our peon or sweeper.

Services is the most required in-thing in this era and we have to work towards it or else we will be kicked out

Office chair is for us to sit and should not sit on our head.

To give farewell to the animal residing in us, we do not need any formal occasion.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

Source: Gunvant Shah,Mid-day, Gujarati (09-06-2000)

Translated by Trupti Gandhi

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