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Chew in your leisure time

We have big houses but small families

Lot of facilities but crunch of time

We are more educated but less matured

More knowledge but less politeness

More experts, but less solutions

Many medicines, but poor health


This era is of

Great personalities but with ethic-less souls.

Lot of money profits but loss in human relationship

Banners of world peace but quarrels in families.

Lot of leisure time but shortage of happiness.

Loads of dishes but lack of nutrition.


These days are of

DIRD (Double Income Resulting in Divorce).

(If you read this short-form in Hindi it means "PAIN" and it’s really a pain).

Furnished houses but broken relationship.

Showing off from outside but within is empty.

We have multiplied our property but divided the values of life.

We talk a lot but not from heart.


We spend our life and do not live our life.

We have added years to our life but not life to the years.

We have big buildings but narrow minds.

We have broad roads but short visions.

We spend a lot but receive less.

We claim we have gone to moon, but no time to visit our new neighbor.

We chat with our friends at long distance, but no time to chat with our family members in our own house.

We have filtered the air but could not filter our soul.

We have fusion atom but not our prejudice.

There is a raise in our income but decline in our ethics.

This is the time for us to brainstorm and make a choice, for changing our aimless routine.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

Source: Bhoomipootra (01-04-2000)

Translated by Trupti Gandhi

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