Virtual     "VartaLaapa"     With Chandrakant Baxi...............!


Last week I read this book and without asking Chandrakant Baxi I am printing title page and last page also for people who like to read Gujarati books...!.  

Some day somebody understand you.......!                   -Bhavbhooti

Let me know If I am doing any thing wrong This book describes History of Gujarat , Bombay(Mumbai) and Efforts of Gujarati. The good part of this book I like is it describes every thing by different cast of Gujarat....Like Nagar, Patel , Vaniya , Khoja,Vora, Meman.....

Hey I don't don't know about "volition of copy cat right" but with Chandrakant Baxi spirit I would like to share his thoughts with young and old Gujarati Friends...!

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